We specialize in NJ Limo Service Newark Limo Service as well as getting you to your important business meetings
..... NJ Limo Service &
.....Newark Limo Featuring our
All Lincoln Town Car Fleet

Enjoy Free Chilled bottled water with every trip.

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Celebrate Limousine features
Lincoln Town Cars
Serving New Jersey for over 20 years.

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Our Guarantee - On Time, EveryTime.

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Newark Limo driver Nationally Recognized On-time Service:
"Rated the Safest Limousine Co in N.J." for the last two years in a row."
-National Safety Excellence Award 2004 & 2005
Rated one of the Top 5 companies nationwide. - Lancer Insurance Co.
60% of Celebrate's new clients come from
referrals of existing & satisfied clients

Please don't keep us a secret!

The Celebrate Limousine Experience...
Celebrate Limousine offers limo sevice in New Jersey & is a different kind of transportation experience that will quickly change your mind about what business travel should be. It's built on the vision that executive-class travel should be comfortable, convenient, safe & productive. Celebrate Limousine allows you to make maximum use of every minute of your trip: check your messages, work on your proposal, prepare for your meeting or just sit back and relax. Celebrate Limousine lets you turn your travel time into quality productive time.
Top reasons you should use or switch to Celebrate Limousine
- Our Guarantee - On Time, Everytime.
Rated Safest Limo Co in N.J.the last 2 yrs.
- Enjoy chilled bottled water with every trip.
- Private service-
never "share a ride" with a stranger.

- Door-to-door service-
. leave your car safely at home.
- All drivers trained in executive customer service standards.
- No "pre set schedule"
we make our schedule to fit your needs.
- Comfortable Lincoln Town Cars, exclusively.
- 20 years experience serving this area.
- Easy On-Line reservations.
- Personalized individual travelers profiles.
- Very selective hiring practices.

- Call us 1-800-829-3883 or
make an Easy On-Line reservation

Passports please. Effective Jan. 23, 2007, all customers traveling by air to or from the U.S. will be required to
have a passport.This is a change from prior travel requirements, which in many cases allowed travel with a driver's license or birth certificate.
View new requirements.
"For Newark Limo or NJ Limo, Celebrate Limousine's standards are remarkable. We have enjoyed ten years of flawless service for thousands NJ Limo trips. The professionalism of Celebrate for all our NJ Car service & Newark Limo & NJ Limo trips, and their commitment to their clients are outstanding. Celebrate's NJ Car service & Newark Limousine adds value to our firm's capacity to serve our clients. Why settle for a Newark Car Service, when Celebrate's limo service in NJ & limo service in New Jersey & limo service in Newark & NJ Limo service surpasses all other Newark Car Services we have used. We depend on Celebrate for all our NJ Car service, Newark Limo & NJ Limo business travel. When it comes to our Newark limo service needs, Celebrate is the best choice. We've replaced our Newark Limo Car Service & NJ Limo service with Celebrate's Newark Limo service and NJ Limo we receive consistently exceptional service. If you need a Newark Limo or NJ Limo service,Celebrate is the best choice for New Jersey Car Service."
- S. Bennett, Nat'l Sales Director
Red Bank, Monmouth, NJ

"Everything we do is aimed at providing consistently exceptional service to our clients.
Have a Great Trip!"

- Bill Atkins, President - Celebrate Limousine

We specialize in business travel.
If you have an important business meeting and would like to arrive at you meeting prepared instead of driving & traffic, we can meet your individualized needs. Imagine how much better prepared you would be to use your travel time as preparation time.
  Newark Limo, NJ Limo
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For limo service in New Jersey,
Celebrate Limousine is expanding and has recently acquired these companies:
Airport Limo of Monmouth
A.D.S. Limousine
Alpha Air Limousine

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Going to New York City for a Broadway Show, Business meeting or Doctor's appointment?
Ask about our Wait & return hourly service. We make traveling into NY City easy.
Call 1 800 829-3883.
Call us for limo service in New Jersey, call us for limo service in NJ, Call us for limo service in Newark. Let us take care of all your limousine or ground transportation needs! Call us for limo service in Newark. We also provide New Jersey limo, New York limo and Monmouth Limo service.

Newark Limo Service & NJ LImo 1 800 829-3883 For business or pleasure let Celebrate Limousine take you to Newark Airport Limo & NJ Limo. At Celebrate Limousine, we are committed to providing excellent service - that's why over 95% of our customers are repeat travelers. You too will switch to Celebrate Limousine after just one trip. Newark Limo & NJ Limo & Newark limo Airport Transportation specialist. If you need Newark Limo or NJ Limo service, experience matters, Celebrate Limousine has been serving the New Jersey Limo& NJ Limo area over 20 years. You don't have to settle for a bad New york Car Service.

Celebrate Limousine, Inc.
Serving Monmouth County of 20 years
Phone: 732.398.3883 Toll Free: 800.829.3883
Email: info@celebratelimo.com
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All rights reserved worldwide.

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newark limo.newark airport limo
Providing executive transportation To Newark Limo from central New Jersey to Newark Airport Limo and the New York metropolitan area.

These are some of the states our travelers travel to & from:
Alabama & Newark Limo
Alaska & Newark Limo
Arizona & Newark Limo
Arkansas & Newark Limo
California & Newark Limo
Colorado & Newark Limo
Connecticut & Newark Limo
Delaware & Newark Limo
District of Columbia & Newark Limo
Florida & Newark Limo
Georgia & Newark Limo
Hawaii & Newark Limo
Idaho & Newark Limo
Illinois & Newark Limo
Indiana & Newark Limo
Iowa & Newark Limo
Kansas & Newark Limo
Kentucky & Newark Limo
Louisiana & Newark Limo
Maine & Newark Limo
Maryland & Newark Limo
Massachusetts & Newark Limo
Michigan & Newark Limo
Minnesota & Newark Limo
Mississippi & Newark Limo
Missouri& Newark Limo
Montana & Newark Limo
Nebraska & Newark Limo
Nevada & Newark Limo
New Hampshire & Newark Limo
New Jersey & Newark Limo
New Mexico & Newark Limo
New York & Newark Limo
North Carolina & Newark Limo
North Dakota & Newark Limo
Ohio & Newark Limo
Oklahoma & Newark Limo
Oregon & Newark Limo
Pennsylvania & Newark Limo
Rhode Island & Newark Limo
South Carolina & Newark Limo
South Dakota & Newark Limo
Tennessee & Newark Limo
Texas & Newark Limo
Utah & Newark Limo
Vermont & Newark Limo
Virginia & Newark Limo
Washington & Newark Limo
West Virginia & Newark Limo
Wisconsin & Newark Limo
Wyoming & Newark Limo
Alabama & NJ Limo
Alaska & NJ Limo
Arizona & NJ Limo
Arkansas & NJ Limo
California & NJ Limo
Colorado & NJ Limo
Connecticut & NJ Limo
Delaware & NJ Limo
District of Columbia & NJ Limo
Florida & NJ Limo
Georgia & NJ Limo
Hawaii & NJ Limo
Idaho & NJ Limo
Illinois & NJ Limo
Indiana & NJ Limo
Iowa & NJ Limo
Kansas & NJ Limo
Kentucky & NJ Limo
Louisiana & NJ Limo
Maine & NJ Limo
Maryland & NJ Limo
Massachusetts & NJ Limo
Michigan & NJ Limo
Minnesota & NJ Limo
Mississippi & NJ Limo
Missouri& NJ Limo
Montana & NJ Limo
Nebraska & NJ Limo
Nevada & NJ Limo
New Hampshire & NJ Limo
New Jersey & NJ Limo
New Mexico & NJ Limo
New York & NJ Limo
North Carolina & NJ Limo
North Dakota & NJ Limo
Ohio & NJ Limo
Oklahoma & NJ Limo
Oregon & NJ Limo
Pennsylvania & NJ Limo
Rhode Island & NJ Limo
South Carolina & NJ Limo
South Dakota & NJ Limo
Tennessee & NJ Limo
Texas & NJ Limo
Utah & NJ Limo
Vermont & NJ Limo
Virginia & NJ Limo
Washington & NJ Limo
West Virginia & NJ Limo
Wisconsin & NJ Limo
Wyoming & NJ Limo

Here are some of the cities we serve:
Aberdeen & NJ Limo
Adelphia & NJ Limo
Allenhurst & NJ Limo
Asbury & NJ Limo
Asbury Park & NJ Limo
Allenwood & NJ Limo
Atlantic Highlands & NJ Limo
Avon & NJ Limo
Avon by the Sea & NJ Limo
Belford & NJ Limo
Belmar & NJ Limo
Bradley Beach & NJ Limo
Brielle & NJ Limo
Cliffwood & NJ Limo
Cliffwood Beach & NJ Limo
Colts Neck & NJ Limo
Deal & NJ Limo
East Keansburg & NJ Limo
Eatontown & NJ Limo
Elberon & NJ Limo
Elberon Park & NJ Limo
Englishtown & NJ Limo
Fair Haven & NJ Limo
Farmingdale & NJ Limo
Fort Monmouth & NJ Limo
Freehold & NJ Limo
Hazlet & NJ Limo
Highlands & NJ Limo
Holmdel & NJ Limo
Howell & NJ Limo
Interlaken & NJ Limo
Keansburg & NJ Limo
Keyport & NJ Limo
Lake Como & NJ Limo
Leonardo & NJ Limo
Lincroft & NJ Limo
Little Silver & NJ Limo
Loch Arbour, & NJ Limo
Locust & NJ Limo
Long Branch & NJ Limo
Manalapan & NJ Limo
Manasquan & NJ Limo
Marlboro & NJ Limo
Matawan & NJ Limo
Middletown & NJ Limo
Monmouth & NJ Limo
MonmouthLimo & NJ Limo
Monmouth Hills & NJ Limo
Morganville & NJ Limo
Navesink & NJ Limo
Neptune & NJ Limo
Neptune City & NJ Limo
New Monmouth & NJ Limo
North Long Branch & NJ Limo
North Middletown & NJ Limo
Oakhurst & NJ Limo
Ocean & NJ Limo
Ocean Grove & NJ Limo
Shark River Hills & NJ Limo
Oceanport & NJ Limo
Port Monmouth & NJ Limo
Red Bank & NJ Limo
Rumson & NJ Limo
Sea Bright & NJ Limo
Shark River Hills & NJ Limo
Shrewsbury & NJ Limo
Shrewsbury Township & NJ Limo
Spring Lake Heights & NJ Limo
Spring Lake & NJ Limo
Tinton Falls & NJ Limo
Union Beach
Vail Homes
Wayside & NJ Limo
West Allenhurst & NJ Limo
West Belmar & NJ Limo
West Deal & NJ Limo
West End & NJ Limo
West Keansburg & NJ Limo
West Long Branch & NJ Limo
Aberdeen & Newark Limo
Adelphia & Newark Limo
Allenhurst & Newark Limo
Asbury & Newark Limo
Asbury Park & Newark Limo
Allenwood & Newark Limo
Atlantic Highlands & Newark Limo
Avon & Newark Limo
Avon by the Sea & Newark Limo
Belford & Newark Limo
Belmar & Newark Limo
Bradley Beach & Newark Limo
Brielle & Newark Limo
Cliffwood & Newark Limo
Cliffwood Beach & Newark Limo
Colts Neck & Newark Limo
Deal & Newark Limo
East Keansburg & Newark Limo
Eatontown & Newark Limo
Elberon & Newark Limo
Elberon Park & Newark Limo
Englishtown & Newark Limo
Fair Haven & Newark Limo
Farmingdale & Newark Limo
Fort Monmouth & Newark Limo
Freehold & Newark Limo
Hazlet & Newark Limo
Highlands & Newark Limo
Holmdel & Newark Limo
Howell & Newark Limo
Interlaken & Newark Limo
Keansburg & Newark Limo
Keyport & Newark Limo
Lake Como & Newark Limo
Leonardo & Newark Limo
Lincroft & Newark Limo
Little Silver & Newark Limo
Loch Arbour, & Newark Limo
Locust & Newark Limo
Long Branch & Newark Limo
Manalapan & Newark Limo
Manasquan & Newark Limo
Marlboro & Newark Limo
Matawan & Newark Limo
Middletown & Newark Limo
Monmouth & Newark Limo
Monmouth Hills & Newark Limo
Morganville & Newark Limo
Navesink & Newark Limo
Neptune & Newark Limo
Neptune City & Newark Limo
New Monmouth & Newark Limo
North Long Branch & Newark Limo
North Middletown & Newark Limo
Oakhurst & Newark Limo
Ocean & Newark Limo

Shark River Hills & Newark Limo
Oceanport & Newark Limo
Port Monmouth & Newark Limo
Red Bank & Newark Limo
Rumson & Newark Limo
Sea Bright & Newark Limo
Shark River Hills & Newark Limo
Shrewsbury & Newark Limo
Shrewsbury Township & Newark Limo
Spring Lake Heights & Newark Limo
Spring Lake & Newark Limo
Tinton Falls & Newark Limo
Union Beach
Vail Homes
Wayside & Newark Limo
West Allenhurst & Newark Limo
West Belmar & Newark Limo
West Deal & Newark Limo
West End & Newark Limo
West Keansburg & Newark Limo
West Long Branch & Newark Limo